About Shywell

So, you're in Shywell, which is the home of a couple of different creators that share a body. Mostly the one talking here is Breven, but there's also Flave and Virgil and a few others of us interested in incorporating their content eventually. The idea is that Shywell will one day have little spots for all of us (with NOT NOW MOTHER being Breven's corner). For now, though, you can assume you're talking to Breven when you're here.

About Breven (he/him, they/them)

I'm just a guy out here in my 30s doing his best, man. I'm a fiery survivor that's trying to balance caring about shit with taking care of myself, and right now, I'm finding it easiest to do that through amateur web development. I dream of making games and transformative digital media and shit all the time, and I'm tryina get there, you know?? So thanks for stopping by--hopefully it's not long till I have some more cool things to share.

More info coming soon!